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Notable Patents 01

Garrett Augustus Morgan, Sr. (March 4, 1877 – July 27, 1963) was an African-American inventor, businessman, and community leader. His most notable inventions were a three-position traffic signal and a smoke hood (a predecessor to the gas mask

African American inventor William H. Richardson patented an improvement to the baby carriage in the United States on June 18, 1889. It is U.S. patent number 405,600

George Edward Alcorn Jr. (born March 22, 1940) is an American physicist, engineer, inventor, and distinguished professor. He invented the X-ray spectrometer, which earned him the NASA–Goddard Space Flight Center award for Inventor of the Year in 1984

Robert F. Flemming, Jr, Born 1857 lived till 94years, Mississippi African-American. The guitar was invented by Robert Flemming, Jr on March 3rd 1886. He wanted a different sound in music and that was what inspired him to create the guitar.

Benjamin Banneker was a black American who is best-known for his Astronomical Almanac.

In 1968, Rufus J Weaver (1927-2008), one of the very few African American men from Kentucky to serve on a Navy submarine during World War II, also patented a design for a stair-climbing wheelchair.

Alice H. Parker invented a furnace powered by natural gas. Her goal was to offer a central heating solution that was more efficient than wood or coal. She received Patent 1,325,905 for her invention in December 1919, inventing the first Central Heating Unit.

George T. Sampson was an African-American inventor best known for his early patent of the automatic clothes dryer in 1892

Rufus Weaver lived in New London, CT. In 1968, he invented a stairclimbing wheelchair, U.S. patent #3,411,598.

Frederick McKinley Jones is the inventor of the refrigeration unit. He invented the first portable air-cooling unit, also referred to as the refrigeration unit. With his innovations, mobile refrigeration was improved for the long-distance transport of medical supplies, food, and other perishable goods.

 Mark Dean Is a Computer scientist and engineer Mark Dean helped develop a number of landmark technologies for IBM, including the color PC monitor and the first gigahertz chip. He holds three of the company’s original nine patents

Ninety percent of microphones used today are based on the ingenuity of James Edward West, an African-American inventor born in 1931 in Prince Edwards County, VA.

American. Citizenship, USA. Engineering career. Inventor press photo. Otis Frank Boykin (August 29, 1920 – March 26, 1982) was an American inventor and engineer. … Among his other inventions is a burglarproof cash register,

Alexander Miles is the 19th Century African-American inventor known best for patenting his design for improving the automatically opening and closing elevator doors. The patent was issued on October 11, 1887 (U.S. Patent 371,207

The patent was for a folding bed that would become the precursor to the Murphy Bed. It was a cabinet bed which folded into a roll-top desk which had compartments for writing supplies and stationary

On 07/18/1899, African American Leonard C. Bailey patented the folding bed.  It was U.S. patent 629 286

Marie Van Brittan Brown was the inventor of the first home security system. She is also credited with the invention of the first closed circuit television

Andrew Beard (African American Inventor an Inductee in the Inventors Hall of Fame), was awarded the Patent for his Rotary Engine Invention (Patent # 478271)