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List 3


LastFirstQuantity InventionsPatent # Date
BashenJanet Emerson1Method, apparatus and system for processing compliance actions over a wide area network6,985,92201/2006
BellEarl S.1Chair with slide skin680256710/12/2004
LastFirstQuantityInventionsPatent #Date
ReeseMorris12System for editing commercial messages from recorded television broadcasts460229707/22/1986
ReeseMorris12Enhanced calling number delivery service system487371910/10/1989
ReeseMorris12Telephone lotto number system and service496918311/06/1990
ReeseMorris12Method and apparatus for vocally communicating to a caller at a remote telephone station synthesized speech of stored special service information528953002/22/1994
ReeseMorris12Automated directory assistance call completion and calling number delivery system561300603/18/1997
ReeseMorris12Call-waiting and caller identification with three-way conversations arrangements561956104/08/1997
ReeseMorris12Enhanced apparatus for use with caller ID system642700907/30/2002
ReeseMorris12Method and apparatus for providing to a customer a promotional message between ringing signals or after a call waiting tone661847409/09/2003
ReeseMorris12Method for use with caller ID system686815003/15/2005
ReeseMorris12Method and apparatus for caller ID system697054411/29/2005
ReeseMorris12Enhanced electronic mail delivery system766365202/16/2010
ReeseMorris12Automatic callback and caller ID method and system811644302/14/2012
ReeseMorris12Enhanced electronic mail delivery system814600103/27/2012

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